Drake's Inquisitions

The Matron and Drake's Disappearance

This week found our adventurers heading deeper and deeper into Myhra Gulch, seeking out an iron mine and, presumably, more clues that would lead them to their warforged killer. After a short journey, Anselm and Sigered find a broken, spider like construct slowly dragging a warforged head deeper into the mine. A failed attempt at stealth lead to a chase, and the two quite literally bumping into their two companions. The group now together, they pursued the creature, ultimately finding themselves in a massive dark chamber.

A quick light spell later ignites four blazing walls of crackling arcane energy, illuminating an enormous machine-like chamber, at the center of which lies a huge warforged like construct composed almost entirely of whirling blades and arcing lighting. Strangely the construct, which calls itself The Matron, begs the inquisitives to end it’s existence, claiming it has no control over it’s actions. With that the group plunges headlong into a fight for survival. While Aldo and Sigered hold the beast at bay, Book and Anselm begin to disable several of the arcane engines. Anselm quickly recognizes several of the machines as outdated artifacts, but feels confident in his abilities to take them apart. With that, Book and Anselm disable the Arcane Lattices first, which seems to slow the beast down.

Not in the clear yet, Aldo and Sigered waver, as The Matron continues her horrid attacks, combining whirling blades with magnetic pulses, and constantly replenishing the ranks of her spider like minions. The latter quickly ends when Anselm invokes the power of his Mark of Decay while disabling the Thaumaturgic Forge Turbine, causing it to crash down upon itself, destroying several of the spider like creatures. Hope renewed, the warriors continue to attack the beast, while simultaneously working to disable two other machines: Aldo using his thievery skills to disarm the Magnetic Invocation Core and Sigered delving into his arcane knowledge to shut down the beasts power center, the Primary Abjuration Matrix. With a final burst of magnetic energy, the beast falls to Aldo’s blades, taking down Book and Anselm in the process.

The beast down, the group quickly recovers, and is able to gather a few final crypic words relating to the person that recently reactivated the horrible machine: a man’s body, but much more than a man, and with such beautiful blue eyes. The immediate threat gone, the group decides to leave the mystery for another day and head back to the shop, but not before salvaging some choice scrap parts and an enormous Eberron Dragonshard that seemed to power the beast.

Returning to 31 Traveler’s Row was a short lived relief as they found the door hanging open. Aldo quickly climbed up to Book’s Shelf and found the room beyond empty, but in strange form. A quick inventory of the building found it empty and a mess, with one very puzzling room. Drake had sealed himself in said room and only had a few short moments to escape out the available window, but instead chose to leave several cryptic clues before he was apparently captured. We leave our puzzled group at the scene of the crime, stunned at the occurrence. What has become of their mentor?



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