Drake's Inquisitions

The Story So Far

Drake’s Inquisitions, sans Drake, takes a relatively mundane job following a nobleman’s wife. This job quickly gets chaotic, as in the course of business the mark quickly runs off in a skycoach. The group pursues, only to be attacked by a third skycoach, bearing a human mage and several hired thugs. Things get even more chaotic as a third party appears: a half-elf swordmage bearing a dragonmark. The stranger appears to be on the side of the Inquisitives, as he helps fight off the attackers, but as the skycoach careens out of Sharn proper it begins to descend, eventually sending the party into the river.

Through some fast talking, they talk themselves out of the city watch’s gaze, returning to Drake’s. There they find their client, now bearing the strange 8 rings that both their attacker and their mark’s companion bore, who thanked them for scaring her out of town. He paid four times the asked amount and informed them that if they are ever looking for business, they need only find him.

A week goes by without a peep, and the group recovers from this strange experience, the half-elf swordmage now tagging along under apparent orders from House Medani. It is at this point their next client appears: Gydd Nepherett, a goblin history professor from Morgrave University, and the founder of SMCERC (Sentient Magical Constructs Equal Rights Coalition). Apparently a rash of local Warforged murders has been plaguing Sharn, and it recently took one of his close companions. He hires the group to investigate and put a stop to it.

The first lead brings them to the Red Hammer, a Warforged social gathering place in the Cogs. After asking around a bit, they are pointed in the right direction and find the place. Much to their surprise it is a bright, comfortable place filled with friendly people (mostly Warforged, of course). They meet two of the proprietors, Crucible, a female Warforged artifacer, and Blue, a male Warforged warrior who both speaks and holds himself more like a human than a Warforged. Blue knows several of the victims and has been looking into this himself and believes it to be the work of fanatical Warforged loyal to the Lord of Blades. He gives them a word of caution, but points them in the direction of a place they may be found: The Jack of Blades, a hidden bar in Cogsgate.

The party, following up on the lead, heads out of the Cogs, but is waylaid by a group of strange mechanical creatures similar to warforged, but decrepit, rusty and of bizarre make. We leave the party in the middle of a heated battle with these constructs, as things look dire.



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