Drake d'Cannith

An estranged member of House Cannith that went against the will of his house to defend Cyre as a popular general during The Last War. Currently heads Drake's Inquisitions in Sharn.


Level 15 Human Artifacer, Multiclass Warlord


Drake d’Cannith is many things to many people. Master Inquisitive, soldier, artificer, brilliant leader, traitor; he is all of these things and more. Drake (he drops his family name in all but the most formal of occasions: occasions he tends to avoid) is a mystery that none of you are likely to ever unravel, but there are a few things you know. Let us start with the obvious.

Drake is an aging human man, formerly of the doomed nation of Cyre. He stands slightly taller than the average man, and is well muscled despite his roughly 60 years of age. He is a man who values ones appearance, something he picked up as a soldier, and is always impeccably groomed. Typically one finds him wearing the high collared jacket of an inquisitive, though his is a bit finer than most: all black, trimmed in gold. Beneath the coat lies countless tools of the trade, notebooks and other trinkets that he is never found without.

Drake’s long white hair is always neat, oftentimes kept in a ponytail, and on the occasion he fancies a beard it will be trimmed to military precision. He walks with a slight limp, though you have never been able to figure out if it was the result of an old war wound or simply a ploy to appear at a disadvantage. Regardless, it all but disappears when he enters a hostile situation. Another side effect of the limp is the cane Drake always carries: the only weapon you have ever seen him wield, and, indeed, the only weapon he has ever needed. The only outward nod to his former house, the black cane is topped with a silver Gorgon head: the symbol of his house. The cane is a mechanical wonder, not only concealing a slim blade, but also sporting countless hidden buttons that has revealed more arcane firepower than an Aundarian Warmage. His final feature of note is one he never speaks of: the rare and powerful Mark of Making, a large Dragonmark that you only catch glimpses of reaching up from his chest, barely passing his collarbone.

Though the details are shadowed, you know d’Cannith has lived an interesting life. Words of his achievements as a Cyrian general during the last war echo from veteran’s lips to this day, and even former rivals afford him deep respect. This is a peculiar thing, as members of all of the Dragonmarked Houses are very clearly not members of any nation, and Drake’s patriotism may have been what ultimately caused his falling out with House Cannith. Though not his primary profession, you have learned that Drake was, at one point, an Artifacer for his house: a natural profession considering his Dragonmark. Though you are unclear on the matter, he has implied that his famous cane is one of his own creations.

How Drake came to be in Sharn is perhaps the biggest mystery about him. After The Mourning, the Cyrian armies were routed, scattered, and without a home. House Cannith, having been based in Cyre, was in chaos, their leader and all direct heirs dead. And yet Drake vanished, seemingly oblivious to the chaos gripping his two families.

Several months later, Drake was in Sharn. He kept his head low, spoke very little, and, with little fanfare, established Drake’s Inquisitions, a Private Inquisitor agency in a dark, unassuming corner of the cheerfully named Deathsgate neighborhood of Sharn. If one wants to disappear, Deathsgate is a great place to do it: it is a veritable melting pot of races, professions and businesses, located a level above and only a short walk from the Lightning Rail station. Though you are unsure what drove Drake to the life of an Inquisitive, he took to it with unmatched brilliance. In his relatively short tenure as an Inquisitive, he has solved countless cases, some that left even the great House Tharashk Inquisitive Agencies stumped. Though originally insistent on working alone, one by one, Drake found a handful of unique souls whose talents complimented his own, and for reasons perhaps even unknown to him, he took them in. This has resulted in his small business gaining a positive, albeit quiet, reputation.

Drake’s Inquisitions is unique among agencies in Sharn, and indeed Khorvaire. While most private inquisitive agencies are controlled by Houses Thrashk or Medani, or, at the very least, approved and sealed by them, Drake’s carries no such attachments. This allows him to take jobs that the Houses pass on due to political entanglements or other similar matters. The fact that these enormous agencies pass on more jobs than they take means that not only are they not competition, they are often a source of referrals. Drake has even established a relationship born of both veteran and inquisitive mutual respect with Jaq’en d’Thrashk, an old half-orc Inquisitive of Information Acquisition, a prominent Thrashk Inquisitive firm.

Drake is a hard man with a good heart. His exterior is hard to crack, but when he lets someone in he is loyal for life. He’s part war hero, part Sherlock Holmes, with a dash of eccentric inventor.

Drake d'Cannith

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