Professor Gydd Nepherett


Gydd is a Goblin who is a professor at Morgrave University that has come to Drake’s Inquisitions requesting help in solving a recent series of Warforged murders. He chooses Drake’s over the other larger House detective agencies since they do not appear to care to solve the murders due to politics.

In particular, Gydd would like to find who is behind the death of Pater Kimble a Warforged friend of his. Gydd is very upset over the murders, especially Pater’s, which causes Book to empathize and offer up the Inquisitions services for free (although Sigered later negotiates access to the famed libraries of Morgrave University as payment). It is Gydd who points the PCs to the Red Hammer bar as a good place to start their investigation.

Gydd is also a member of Sentient Magical Construct Equal Rights Coalition (SMCERC), a group of Warforged sympathizers who fight for the equal rights of Warforged.

Professor Gydd Nepherett

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