"Haldren Garreth Stern"

Former client with a questionable background.


Haldren Garreth Stern approached Drake’s Inquisitions as a nobleman who wanted his wife followed, as he suspected her of cheating on him with an unnamed Karnathian. As it turned out he was much more than that, as this simple job nearly got the group killed in a mid-air ambush. Shortly after Stern reappeared with 4 silver rings on each finger, thanking the group for running his supposed wife out of town. He paid them four times the asked amount and offered future work if they ever needed it.

Upon consulting with Drake, it appears Haldren (and the man his “wife” was supposedly meeting with, and the man that ambushed the group) are all members of a criminal organization known as The Aurum.

"Haldren Garreth Stern"

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