Sigered d'Medani


Race: Half-Elf

Class: Swordmage

Swordmage Aegis: Aegis of Assault

Background: Basilisk’s Gaze (Perception class skill)


Str 15, Con 15, Dex 10, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 10.


Str 14, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 8.


AC: 22 Fort: 14 Reflex: 16 Will: 15 HP: 54 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 13


Arcana +11, Insight +10, History +11, Athletics +9, Perception +8


Acrobatics +2, Bluff +2, Diplomacy +4, Dungeoneering +3, Endurance +4, Heal +3, Intimidate +2, Nature +3, Religion +6, Stealth +2, Streetwise +2, Thievery +2

Level 1: Mark of Detection

Level 2: Skill Training (Perception)

Level 4: Intelligent Blademaster

Dilettante: Magic Weapon

Swordmage at-will 1: Frigid Blade

Swordmage at-will 1: Booming Blade

Swordmage encounter 1: Foesnare

Swordmage daily 1: Sweeping Frostblade

Swordmage utility 2: Dimensional Warp

Swordmage encounter 3: Dual Lightning Strike

Swordmage daily 5: Enervating Slash


Adventurer’s Kit, Sacrificial Longsword +2, Bold Victory Leather Armor +1, Cynic’s Goggles (heroic tier)


22 Barrakas, 998 YK

Back to Sharn, I haven’t been here since the war. Much has changed since then. I am going there for much different pursuits this time. My orders are not very clear this time, however. We in the House Medani have not been very clear in our motives or purpose since the war. The enemies may be different, but the world has the same problems. The briefing before boarding the lightning rail was short. The directive was overly vague, but simple: find Drake d’Cannith in Sharn, gain his trust, learn his plans, and report back with your findings. I was told I was requested specifically by Drake for my knowledge and experience to help with his inquisitive venture, and that he is expecting me. I suspect this is a false statement, but I have learned not to question orders directly from the elders. I highly doubt that a member of House Cannith would specifically seek the talents of House Medani. It is more likely from my experience that we in House Medani are trying to find out something hidden under the surface. It is more likely we already knew Drake was looking for associates skilled in inquisitions, and that the services of a particular swordmage was offered for no cost. Since the war has ended, House Medani’s influence has wained, and the elders have grown impatient. The House is eager to regain some position since the end of the war. Sharn is an important center in Khorvaire, and all of the Houses are in play. There will be many new secrets to learn. Again, there is also the criminal element. I suspect either the Boromar Clan or the Tyrants are interfering is business related to House Medani. No doubt I will uncover the truth quickly. Perhaps this will also give me the opportunity to study in the libraries of Morgrave University, or find some formerly known magic in the Depths. Either way, there is no question I will be able to sharpen my martial skills while working in Sharn.


Sigered d’Medani is a half-elf swordmage of the House Medani. Born in Fairhaven, Aundar, to a minor Medani family, his dragonmark appeared at a young age. Sigered was also found to have a talent for the arcane. Ever the inquisitive youth, he would delve into the libraries of his family or in Fairhaven, and read as much as possible. Along with his thirst for knowledge, Sigered was also one of the larger children and his instructors realized his potential. Many years of his youth were spent perfecting his martial skills, along with his utilization of the arcane. Upon reaching age, Sigered was sent to the front lines of the war in support of Aundar, with a secret group of Medani mercenaries. His prowess along with the combination of his dragonmarked powers helped him to quickly rise through the ranks of the Aundar military, from foot soldier to commander in less than three years. Sigered’s ability to see through enemy tactics was highly sought by generals of Aundar. His skills were also noticed by the leadership of House Medani, who used their influence to return Sigered from the front lines. He was sent to train with Taldor d’Medani, where he gained additional training in observation and reason. His year training was difficult, but he was able to excel. Upon completion of his training with the Basilisk’s Gaze, Sigered was ordered to join the counter intelligence forces supporting the Queen of Aundar. He spent the remaining years of the war hunting spies on behalf the crown of Aundar and House Medani.

Since the war has ended, Sigered has been continuing his work for the House Medani. He has taken any assignment given to him without question. He has grown restless however, as the tasks are not as challenging as they once were. Sigered knows there is something amiss within the House, but has not directly questioned the leadership. He has grown frustrated since he has not had much opportunity to grow his knowledge or skill. House activities were slowing down for Sigered, until the orders came to go to Sharn.


Sigered d’Medani is intelligent, aloof, strong-willed, and determined. He is driven to expand his knowledge, particularly of the arcane. He has unquestionable loyalty to the House Medani, and knows that his actions directly impact the standing of the House in Khorvaire. He still has family ties to Aundar, but does not feels the necessity to support the Queen, or care much for the country.

Thought’s on Drake’s team:

Book – Sigered has both fascination and distrust of the Warforged. He wants to better understand how they function, but remembers the horrors of the last war. Many of the Warforged he encountered were on the battlefield. The one known as Book is still a mystery, especially since it considers itself a “female”. Maybe there is more to learn from Book than the its purpose as a solder.

Anslem – Sigered feels the need to help and mentor the boy in his arcane studies, he has potential. The subject of his aberrant dragonmark does not come up much, but Sigered sees the potential tactical use for his ability. Sigered has no orders specifically dealing with the aberrant dragonmarked boy, and is willing to look past it, as long as the boy does not touch his weapons. He is intrigued by the chance to study such a power closely.

Aldo or Toox – There is not an innate distrust of the changeling, but Sigered knows the Tyrants have agents everywhere. Sigered has not had personal relationships with many changelings, and is interested to study more about this one. Even if he does have connections with the Boromar clan, Sigered does not have the direct orders to deal with the changeling. Sigered realizes that the changeling’s abilities will be extremely useful, and wants to gain his trust.

Drake d’Cannith – Sigered has orders to gain Drake’s trust, and this does not seem like a difficult task. Sigered is ordered to work for Drake, and as long as Drake challenges his abilities and allows him the opportunity to venture into the Depths, he will continue to find favor in him. Sigered does want to find out more about Drake’s relations to Cyre, and the war. On a personal note, Sigered does seem to like Drake, for what that matters. Sigered will do his due diligence to report back to House Medani about Drake’s actions.

Sigered d'Medani

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