Likely Paragon Path: Self-forged

Character Name: Anselm Race: Human Class: Artificer Alignment: Good

Init – +2, HP – 43 Ability: Str – 10, Con – 11, Dex – 10, Int – 19, Wis – 16, Cha – 10 Defenses: AC – 21, Fort – 14, Ref – 17, Will – 17 Speed – 6, Passive Insight – 15, Passive Perception – 20

Skills Acrobatics +2 Arcana +11 Athletics +2 Bluff +2 Diplomacy +7 Dungeoneering +5 Endurance +2 Heal +10 History +11 Insight +5 Intimidate +2 Nature +5 Perception +10 Religion +6 Stealth +2 Streetwise +2 Thievery +7

Race Features: Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Bonus At-Will Power, Human Defense Bonus Class Features: Arcane Empowerment (Impart Energy, Augment Energy), Arcane Rejuvenation, Healing Infusion, Ritual Casting Feats: Master Crafter, Master Mixer, Aberrant Mark of Decay, Arcane Reserves, Staff Fighting

At-Will Powers: Magic Weapon, Thundering Armor, Aggravating Force Encounter Powers: Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture, Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula, Scouring Weapon, Lightning Sphere Daily Powers: Life-Tapping Darts, Dancing Weapon Utility Powers: Use Magic Item Rituals: Make Whole, Brew Potion, Enchant Item, Disenchant Item

Items: Vicious Quarterstaff (+2), Magic Leather Armor (+2)


Anselm is young, but until recently, if you saw him up close, he would look like an old bum covered in rags. Being covered in rags was due to two things: 1) he’s got an abberant Dragonmark, a rather large one, which tends to draw attention that he doesn’t want 2) the mark that he has causes everything he touches to decay so his clothes are constantly rotting off his back

Around age 8, an old artificer took pity on the child who was always in rags, and decided to start teaching him a bit. The old man discovered that the boy had a natural talent for creating useful objects, though they rarely lasted for very long. Eventually, the old man discovered the abberant mark, was disgusted by it, and when someone else discovered it chased the boy out of Cyre. This was when Anselm was 13.

Anselm found his way to Sharn, doing odd jobs and trying to find work where no one would bother him about his appearance or chase him out if they knew his secret. While in Sharn Drake stumbled upon Anselm and noted that he had some talent. Shortly after Drake discovered the Aberrant mark and seeing some use for the boy, he took Anselm under his wing. This gave him a place to live, a job, something of a purpose, and continued his training. Anselm could be very handy for infiltrating the Abberant Mark house.

Mark of Decay – Aberrant Mark Encounter – Minor Action: Target an adjacent enemy that is grabbed by you or an ally. That enemy suffers -2 AC or -2 to attack rolls until the end of the encounter. These penalties increase to -3 at level 11 and -4 at level 21. You may cast the Disenchant Magic Item ritual. This ritual takes 1 minute instead of 1 hour and has no component cost. Some particularly powerful artifacts are immune to this ability. You may cause non-magic items to corrode and rot away by touching them. The time this takes depends on the size of the item and the material it is constructed with. Small things like cloth and rope can corrode in a few seconds, items like stone and metal can take significantly more time.


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