Uthar d'Tharashk

A mysterious old ally of Drake's.


Level 15 Half Orc Fighter, Multiclass Rogue


Uthar d’Tharashk is a mysterious yet everpresent figure in the lives of the inquisitives. An old friend of Drakes, he will appear suddenly, chat with Drake in length behind closed doors, and disappear just as quickly as he appeared. One theory among the group is that they were allies in some manner during the Last War, as Uthar was among the mercenary companies that fought for Cyre. Uthar tends to be the primary source for leads passed on from House Tharashk, but he speaks only to Drake, as trust does not come easily to the grizzled half-orc.

Uthar bears a rather impressive sized Mark of Finding on his forearm.

Uthar d'Tharashk

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