Crusty Old Gnome

Skycoach Driver


The Crusty Old Gnome is a Sharn Skycoach driver whom the members of Drake’s Inquisitions used to take them to and from Skyway during a job for Haldren Garreth Stern.

According to Book, Crusty Old Gnome is likely originally from Trolanport in Zilargo due to his use of the regional saying “buddlemorf”.

Crusty Old Gnome was nearly killed when he fell after being pushed off his Skycoach by attackers after he took another fare from the members of Drake’s Inquisitions. According to the group of guards which later questioned the group C.O.G. was found hanging by his shirt from a gargoyle beneath where they were flying. Lord Finley was overjoyed to discover that his “little buddy” was alive.

Crusty Old Gnome

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