Dear Diary 1

Dear Diary,

Its been a strange day to say the least! Today we had a walk in client by the name of Haldren Garreth Stern who requested that we assist him in seeing if his wife was cheating on him. Of course we took the job…Aldo managed to get a great deal more money promised to us then the going rate. I was very impressed, as I’ve never been able to grasp the finer parts of negotiation; Aldo on the other hand is very good at making people agree to his terms. I believe it is due to the fact that he freely lies to strangers, which I find an unfortunate trait. Why bother lieing? It only causes problems later on I find…I suppose being a Changeling he has little need to make friends since he can always turn into someone else and make new friends. I do not believe he lies to me (well perhaps when he flirts) but it is hard to trust him. I can see why the stereotype of his race is so pervasive, but I must try to put that out of my mind…I know what it can be like to be treated differently because of what you were born as.

But I have gotten off course, I apologize Diary. After gathering the information about the client’s wife, we decided to go to a wine bar by the name of Azure Gateway (a favorite haunt of hers). We decided to go under cover; Aldo went as a finely dressed gentleman, Anselm as his young relative, and I as their servant. It was quite humiliating for me, as I strongly dislike playing the “warforged slave”…people will not respect us if we are seen as menial laborers. Anselm also seemed quite uncomfortable in this guise, as he seemed to struggle with keeping his aberrant Dragonmark in check. Even before we reached our destination the young man was sweating profusely; I would imagine from the exertion of keeping his gifts in check. I continue to do research on his mark, but it s very hard to find anything of substance. Historians of the many houses have done their best to destroy any information about the aberrant marks and I wish I could do more. The boy does a great deal for me and while I’ve tried to use various spells to ease his suffering nothing seems to take hold. I believe that his salvation will come from within and that his own path of the arcane will ultimately bring him peace.

I must apologize once again Diary, I have again rambled off course. I suppose that is ok though, the point of a Diary is to get my feelings down on paper after all. Anyways, our stake out was not very successful and we eventually found ourselves in a skycoach battle. It was thrilling! Our opponents were friends of our client’s wife, although a strange mix…a Half Orc, Warforged, and I believe a Halfling…the details are fuzzy as I actually fell off the skycoach and landed in the Dagger river. This was a strange experience Diary! I lost consciousness for only a short time and eventually walked across the riverbed…it was a strange consistency and the pollution of the river made it quite hard to see. However, some of the fauna took interest in me and the fascinating weeds that grew in the mud where very unique! I did not cultivate any as I do not believe I could adequately keep them watered in my garden. As luck would have it I was able to find my companions and was happy to find them relatively unhurt.

Of some surprise was the man that had joined them…a Half Elf to be more exact. I immediately was able to detect a great deal of arcane energy emanating from him and quickly deduced that he was a sword mage of some kind. The Half Elf, his name being Sigered d’Medani, was quite rude to me and refused to call me with gender specific pronouns. This was quite enraging, but I stayed polite…why give him the satisfaction of seeing that he had “ruffled my feathers”? He was quite serious and his clothing was well tailored and pressed. I was not surprised to find out he was a bearer of the Mark of Detection, as his family name and the arrogant way he carried himself would lead one to come to this conclusion. He claims to be an ally of Drake’s, although I do not fully trust him. He has shown he is capable in battle but I fully expect him to take the details of our business to his family in the near future and attempt to ruin us. I have let Master Drake know of my suspicions, and while he says that I have reason to have concern that I shouldn’t worry about it. But I still worry about it; I suppose it is a natural reaction.

When we finally returned, our client revealed he was not who he claims he is and that it is likely he is a member of the Aurum…it is also likely that we were involved in some type of spying assignment for them. Master Drake also said not to worry too much about this either; that we are “small fish” and it is a situation that is out of our hands. I worry about this too.

Thank you for your time Diary, I enjoyed writing in you again. I believe that I will spend the early morning hours reading up on the history of the Thranian Monarachy, specifically during the period of the 7th century. I expect it to be quite interesting…perhaps I will watch the Morning Glories bloom when I am done.

Dear Diary 1

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