Letters from Home

My dearest daughter Gwenyth:

I have been putting off the composition of this letter for quite some time, as I know you love stomping around those foul jungles, but the time has come. My dearest friend Kkressd d’Orien has guaranteed me that this will get to you swiftly, and you would be reminded yet again the importance of good contacts. Though you were off gallivanting in Sharn at the time, even you know about the succession issues plaguing Cannith since the Day of Mourning. I have been working tirelessly here in Fairhaven to ensure that myself and Cannith West maintains our rightful advantage over Zorlan and his minions, but recent events have seen our position slipping. It is truly the sign of my desperation when I turn to my wayward daughter for assistance, but perhaps your…unique attributes will come in handy for the particular job I have in mind.

I have arranged for your trip back to Fairhaven on one of Cannith West’s private airships. It will be leaving Stormreach on the 6th of Barrakas. You will find that your current expedition has quite unfortunately run out of funding, which should leave your schedule open for your familial obligations. You will also find that if you choose to ignore my summons as you have in the past, you will have enormous difficulties accessing your own private funds. Again, dear, it is all about who you know. I do look forward to seeing you, my little flower. I have much to tell you that would not be appropriate in a letter, but I will say that your assignment will have great personal value to you.

With my endless love and adoration,

Jorlanna d’Cannith
Cannith West
Fairhaven, Aundair

Letters from Home

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