Dear Diary 2

Dear Diary,

Our last case was very emotional for me, although as is typical for me I seem to only truly bare my soul on paper rather than physically; I suppose it is hard to cry why you can’t product tears. We were hired by a professor by the name of Gydd Nephrett, a goblin whom I must say shattered many stereotypes for me. Again, I always find this a refreshing sensation as I strive to be my own person and not let my own race define me so to find others that do so is of great inspiration. He told us of his friend Pater Kimble, a Warforged who had been dismembered rather violently…he was only one of many in a recent string of murdered Warforged. His plight struck a strong chord with me and I felt such immense sorrow…here was a “fleshbag” who was actually crying tears over one of my kind. His show of emotion was almost more then I could bear…I wailed many times when I heard his story, but I believe that my attempt to show my sorrow only made me appear silly.

Our search for clues led us to not 1 but 2 Warforged Bars, called “Scrap Rooms” by the flesh based races of Sharn if my research is correct (it usually is). At first I expected to find course rooms filled with Warforged down on their luck and lamenting their fate but at both I found my people embracing their lives and coming together as a community. While both bars served very different clientele it brought a great deal of hope to my heart…perhaps we will one day become a unified people. If we could throw off the yoke that the end of the Last War threw about our necks and come to a peace with the other peoples of Eberron…well that would be truly a miracle.

Diary, I apologize if I’ve gotten to philosophical or if my words have a touch of melancholy to them in this entry, but this case really has made me do a great deal of introspection. Perhaps most distressing about the entire situation was the appearance of Warforged “rejects”. While initially I thought that the deformed constructs were the creations of the Lord of Blades rumored Creation Forge, it appears that they were in fact created by an entity known as “The Matron”. This creature is (was) hard to describe…like a thousand ideas smashed into one physical being. The power of this creature was overwhelming, but so was her pain. She was spawning these rejected Warforged for some unknown purpose; clearly she was in the bondage of some villain! I am not sure who was ultimately behind this, but I feel some comfort in that other Warforged are unlikely the cause.

If something good was to come of the case it would be that I’ve had the nature of my people opened up to me…for too long I’ve thought that I was one of the few enlightened Warforged in Sharn…one of the few that wasn’t the servant to her sword. The Red Hammer especially changed my mind, the Warforged there were just living life…and I think I’ve made a friend in Crucible. She is an Artificer of some talent whom I’ve grown quite fond of. While the other slept after our return from the Cogs (well only Anselm truly slept, and I believe from exhaustion…his Mark taxes him more then he lets on…the rest were restless about Drake’s condition…more on that later though). Where was I Diary? I’ve forgotten, as the thought of Drake’s disappearance brought on a wave of emotion. Oh yes, Crucible. I went to see her that night, luckily she was still at the Hammer. We spoke in great lengths of Arcane lore and philosophy, and I have grown to respect her abilities. While the way she harnesses The Art is starkly different then my own, it is no less elegant for it. She was kind enough to take a piece of the Matron and graft it to my chest. It fills me with a great deal of inner strength, and I would like to think that some part of the Matron (the good part) is now living on in me. Crucible and I promised to keep in touch, I hope to have her up to my garden someday…I believe Anselm would benefit from speaking to her about their mutual craft as well.

Diary, I have to admit something…I’ve been putting off telling you that Sir Drake is missing, although I suspect you may have realized this from my earlier slip up. To be honest this news only just happened and we are still planning our next move. Sigered seems the least concerned and I find that I still don’t trust the man. Aldo however is quite the opposite and I believe he is pulling in many favors to scrape up any piece of information he can. Unlike Sigered, my trust in Aldo has increased tenfold…he held himself very well as his Warforged incarnation “Jim” and he mentioned in passing that he has a better understanding of my races plight. I believe he and I are not unalike and despite my long standing distrust of him I believe I would put my life in his hands if the situation presented itself.

Oh Diary, I hope the next time we speak I have good news about Drake…he means so much to me. Untill then…

Oh right, I had almost forgot! I tried D tonight, a type of Warforged drug. It was fantastic!

Dear Diary 2

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