Player Awards

I will be utilizing an award system for those that help in fleshing out this page. Background stories for your character, in character journal entries, fleshing out NPCs or locations: all of these things will result in one of two things.

The first is what I will call Prophecy Points, tying Action Points into the flavor of Eberron’s Draconic Prophecy. These are identical to Action Points, with two important exceptions. Firstly, Prophecy Points do not go away after an extended rest. You keep them until you spend them. Secondly, Prophecy Points can be used in a battle in addition to an Action Point if your opponent has spent an Action Point that battle. Thus, you can essentially spend two Action Points in a battle if it is against a powerful solo/elite opponent.

The second reward I will give out will be minor magic items. This will only happen when there is something sizable added (a particularly long backstory, a really spectacular journal entry, one person writing up every NPC from the last session) and will almost always be something of your level or slightly lower, a ‘wondrous item’, and something that will tend to benefit the group as a whole. I won’t be giving away your level +4 magic weapons here, but generally fun and useful items you may not get somewhere else. I will expect you to come up with a fun in character reason for acquiring the item.

Prophecy Point Tracking
  • Aldo: 1
  • Anselm: 1
  • Book: 1
  • Gwenyth: 0
  • Sigered: 0

Player Awards

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